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Physical Therapy - Do something for yourself!

For many symptoms of illness, a balanced measure of active exercise and passive, therapeutic care creates the best condition for the greatest possible success in your rehabilitation. At all events, however, a physical therapy increases your sense of well-being and gives you power for your everyday life.

Exercise, massage, water, light and warmth can, in the right combination, have a curative and alleviative effect. Our therapists are sensitive to your wishes and needs. Together you will work out a therapy concept which is tailored to you and which takes into account your capabilities and your special requirements.

Wassertreten am Strand
Wassertreten am Strand

The physical treatment methods as a valuable supplement or alternative to treatment with medications:

  • Remedial gymnastics
  • Lymphatic drainage (with compression)
  • Classic massage (according to the medical indication)
  • Massage of the connective tissue (according to the medical indication)
  • Back training
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Electric stimulation therapy treatments
  • Light therapy
  • Sand baths
  • Climatotherapy
  • Inhalations
  • Ultrasound
  • Nordic Walking

As an additional aid to your recovery we offer the comprehensive use of oxygen therapies applied at rest or during exercise.

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