Eingangsbereich der Klinik Graal-Müritz


We are happy to welcome you to our institute!

Here is a bit of information which will help you further.
All of the formalities associated with your arrival can best be taken care of at the reception.

You can be admitted to the rehabilitation clinic on any day of the week, from Monday to Sunday. Our focus is on the time from Monday to Friday, because on these days our whole staff is available to you.

Please plan your journey here so that you can arrive, if possible, by 12.00 o’clock noon. In this way, your medical admission can be done and your individual therapy plan drawn up on the day you arrive. You can settle details of your schedule with Ms. Pasewaldt.

Patient admissions:
Ms. Köpcke
Tel.: 038206/75-197
Email: s.koepcke@Klinik-Graal-Mueritz.de


Ihre Ansprechpartner

Silka Köpcke

Ass. der Geschäftsführung

Telefon 038206 / 75-0
E-Mail schreiben

Enrico Pohl

Leitung Rezeption

Telefon 038206 / 75-0
E-Mail schreiben



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