The Application Process

You have a right to rehabilitation!

Although you have a right to rehabilitation measures, you must go through the application process yourself.
Here we outline the best way for you to proceed:

1. The necessary forms can be acquired:

For employed persons:
From their pension fund and their information and counselling offices.

For unemployed persons:
From their medical insurance, service points for rehabilitation, the insurance offices or from your municipal office.

For persons who have private medical insurance: 
Whether your private medical insurance will assume the costs depends upon the scope of coverage. Please check with your insurer in advance as to whether you are covered as a private patient. The costs for follow-up treatment are usually covered.

2. Help filling out the application

You can find qualified counselling and support with all of your questions about rehabilitation at the service points for rehabilitation or from your medical insurance. Simply give them a call.
Normally, along with your Application Form you should submit your medical report.

3. Go to your attending physician

Your attending physician must fill out the form „medical report“ and substantiate your necessity of rehabilition measures.
Because you are being treated by him or her, no special examination is required.

4. Submitting the Application

The application, filled out and signed, is generally submitted by the doctor or your hospital’s social service department.  

5. Approval by the funding agency

Please note: If your funding agency (medical insurance, compensation board etc.) does not accept the application, you may appeal the decision in writing within one month. Please contact your doctor or the administration of the clinic.

6. Are there any extra fees?

Surcharge for in-patient medical treatment:
For in-patient preventive and rehabilitation measures you are required to pay an extra fee of 10.00 Euros per day. This surcharge is payable for the entire length of the rehab and is not limited in time!

Surcharge for medical post-hospital rehabilitation:
A surcharge of 10.00 Euros per day must be paid for a maximum of 28 days for medical post-hospital rehablitation measures.

Please note:
Surcharges which have been paid to a pension insurance company for a medical rehabilitation measure or paid to a government medical insurance scheme for an in-patient hospital stay shall be deducted from the amount due.

7. From hospital directly to rehab

If you’ve just been treated in hospital, it is possible that in-patient rehabilitation is necessary for the further stabilisation of your state of health, e.g. after serious illness or an operation. This form of rehabilitation is referred to in German as AHB, a post-hospital treatment or AR, post-hospital rehab.
Ask the attending physician in your hospital about an AHB or get counselling from the hospital’s social services.
The necessary formalities for your admission can then be assumed by the hospital.

8. Information for your application to the Graal-Müritz Rehabilitation Clinic

If you are coming from abroad, you must get written confirmation from your government or private health insurance that they will assume the costs of the rehab and submit this document to us in advance. If you are a self-paying patient, a down payment of 30% is due before admission and the rest upon discharge from the clinic.
The clinic admits patients covered under various insurance schemes:

  • Pension funds
  • Medical insurance (government and private)
  • Acknowledged government aid programs
  • Pension offices
  • Armed forces
  • Police
  • Farm medical insurance
  • Workers‘ compensation board
  • Self-pay patients

It is possible for an accompanying person to be admitted.

We would be glad to help you with your application process. Simply call Ms. Köpcke under the telephone number: 038206/75-197.

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