Medical Therapy

A medical therapy has the main task of coordinating your individual, therapeutic and medication treatments. In addition to the special oncological therapy, all of the diseases belonging to the specialist area of “internal medicine” such as respiratory, dermatological, urological and psychosomatic ailments are co-treated as secondary indications.

A breast cancer support group was established especially for our breast cancer patients. Here an experienced specialist for gynaecology as well as a breast disease nurse specially-trained for this purpose are at your disposal for help and advice.

The medical therapy is comprised of a combination of classical treatment methods:

  • Continuation or start of a chemotherapy
  • Continuation or start of hormone therapy
  • Pain therapy
  • Targeted infusion treatment in the case of bone metastases
  • Substitution of vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • Administration of psychotherapeutic agents and pyhtotherapeutics
  • Administration of enzymes
  • Balanced (controlled) infusion therapy

The provision of medicinal substances and resources is guaranteed by a collaborating medical and healthcare supplier. In principle, however, before beginning a therapy it should be clarified whether the costs for the services which are not covered in the standard rates of the medical insurance will be assumed.

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