Physiological Nutrition

Can you eat your way to health? Even if there is no special diet known to counter cancer, a balanced diet rich in vital substances is crucial to convalescence.

Our kitchen team takes your specific dietary problems into account and prepares dishes precisely aligned to your medical and nutritional needs. The meals contain all of the vital components such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins and fiber in the right proportions. The clinic’s kitchen is specialized in particular in preparing balanced whole foods.
You receive a choice of warm meals each day and, in the case of medical indication, a special diet.

In addition to all of the vital health aspects of food, we don’t forget that the pleasure of eating has at least the same significance - enjoying your food contributes greatly to your general sense of well-being!

But it’s not just eating good food that’s fun, cooking is one of the favourite hobbies of many. Here with us you can learn how healthy and appetizing nourishment can be made at home. In our nutrition and cooking courses you will experience and practice everything you need to succeed on your own.

Food with a Seal of Quality

In June of 2009 we were again certified by the German Registered Association for Quality Control of Diet and Whole Foods and given the Seal of Quality for diet and whole foods. This means that our meals conform to the high quality standards of this registered society.

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