Graal-Müritz - Nature and Culture in a Dreamlike Combination

Recovery, healthcare and a new love of life in a magnificent surroundings!

The Baltic Sea Spa Graal-Müritz lies in the middle of dreamy surroundings, only a few kilometers away from Rostock & Warnemünde - the lively cultural center of our region. Even if it isn’t the cultural center, Graal-Müritz still has great appeal. In our spa town you can take part in a great number of cultural and sporting events all year round.

You’ll find our rehab clinic at the edge of the forest and only a few minutes from the wonderful Baltic beaches. Away from the holiday bustle of the large spas but near enough to dive into the excitement if you feel like it.

If you like your leisure time to be a little less lively, you can enjoy the broad, fine sands of our beaches and the fresh sea breeze, or the healthy climate on the large sun terrace and in the spacious greens of the clinic.

The athletically inclined will find a diverse offering, e.g. hiking, Nordic Walking or bicycling. Explore the area on your own and discover the beauty and the wild romanticism of Mecklenburg’s Baltic Sea coast. It’s a great place to indulge yourself!

It’s a great place to indulge yourself!

What could be better than:

  • Simply lazing in the sun.
  • Feeling the fine sand of the Baltic Sea beaches under your feet and taking a walk.
  • Discovering your builder’s instinct building sand castles.
  • Playing volleyball.
  • Feeling the sea breeze touch your face.
  • Flying a kite.

A 5 km long and up to 40 meter wide sandy beach, fine and free of any stones, awaits you. In any kind of weather and in every season the beach here is a pleasure. Too windy? Simply rent wicker beach chair for sheltered enjoyment of the sun. In clothing suited to the weather the sea is a fascinating spectacle in the wind.
For friends of textile-free bathing there is a broad section of the coast designated as nudist beach (marked as FKK).

On the "Textile Beaches" qualified lifeguards watch over the safety of the Baltic Sea holidaymakers in the summer. As a mark of the high quality of the Baltic Sea water at the shores of Graal-Müritz, the „Blue Flag of Europe“ has waved in the breeze for many years. This acknowledgement is only granted by the German Society for Environmental Education if the quality of the water meets the very stringent EU guidelines.

If you don’t like the weather on the coast or if the Baltic Sea isn’t the temperature you’re used to bathing in, take a visit to the Aquadrom. This sports and wellness oasis offers warm Baltic Sea water (28 degrees) all year round and a varied choice of wellness and sports activities.

Sports for the Active-Minded

An international bicycle trail leads from Warnemünde to Darßer Ort - from one lighthouse to the next one, so to speak - and directly through our little town. Along many parts of the trail you can ride directly behind the dunes bordering the Baltic Sea coast. The heathlands of the "Rostocker Heide" invite you to relaxing bicycle tours round about Graal-Müritz.

For hikers and explorers the immediate surroundings of Graal-Müritz are ideal terrain. Numerous hiking paths lead through the unique biotopes such as the Müritz-Ribnitz Rain Moors or the Rostock Heathlands.

Water Sports:

Diving, windsurfing or simply swimming in the Baltic Sea - if you love the water during the season, you certainly won’t be disappointed.


Graal-Müritz is known for its special bio-climate. The air in Graal-Müritz ensures not only a comfortable, fresh feeling, but also displays an objective health-promoting effect. The unique combination of the sea, forests and moors creates a healing climate with proven positive effect on the rehabilitation and prophylaxis of respiratory, heart/circulation and skin diseases.   

The "Müritz-Ribnitz Rain Moors"
The primitive rain moors, expanding over an area of 275 hectares, are unique on the German Baltic coast. Discover seldom-seen species of orchids and endangered birds. In this nature reserve you can find animals and plants that have become very rare.

The "Rostock Heathlands"
The largest uninterrupted stretch of woodlands in North Germany with its 11,000 hectares of mixed forest lies directly at our doorstep, waiting for you to walk and cycle through its abundance.

The "Rhododendron Park"
In the months of May and June you can admire the over 53 different varieties of rhododendrons in every colour imaginable. The 4.5 hectare Graal-Müritz Rhododendron Spa Park is the largest of its kind in North Germany, extending over an area of 4.5 hectares. Every year, in the middle of the fragrant splendour of the flowers, among other events a "Miss Rhododendron" is chosen.


In Graal-Müritz numerous events spread out over the entire year ensure that you are always entertained. In the event calendar „Kur-Veranstaltungskalender“ you’ll find an overview of the most important events.

The Amber Museum in Ribnitz-Dammgarten presents the "Gold of the Sea" for you to admire. You can marvel at times long past and inclusions, preserved forever in the amber, as well as at the small and large works of art created over the generations.

The Hunting Lodge in Gelbensande is, as the former residence of the territorial prince of Mecklenburg, always worth a visit, not least on account of the various interesting exhibits. Royal porcelain, the architect Möckel and living history ensure an unforgettable experience.

Discover the fascination of old North German traditions. In the open-air museum in Klockenhagen you’ll see the colourful ribbons artfully bound to create a harvest crown flying high above old Low-German half-timbered houses.

Rostock & Warnemünde offer you in addition everything you could possibly think of, from Theater & Cabaret, Multiplex Cinemas right up to Museums & Galleries.

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