Therapy - Paths into Life

Diagnosis cancer - when this fateful message is communicated, patients and their loved ones are often faced with a multitude of difficult questions. Getting the right treatments and therapies is now especially important, possibly even crucial to your fate.

We help you to make the right decisions, step by step!

Our holistic and integrative treatment concept, the tried and true combination of mainstream medicine and holistic treatment strategies enables you to achieve optimal success in your rehabilitation.

A diverse offering of therapies will support you on your way to more vitality and quality of life. Health training, social counseling, nutritional counseling, learning of relaxation techniques or creative ergo therapy give you vital impulses for your daily life.       

Additionally, Graal-Müritz has an extra, very special healing effect: …its proven, health-promoting bioclimate.

The Graal-Müritz Clinic offers you a comprehensive range of therapy forms:

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